Toddler Drop-off Class

A class for potty independent toddlers, ages 3-5. Class themes vary month to month using different media to create fun and engaging art.  4 artist minimum for class to be held. 
2.5 hour class - $35
*Not offered Mid-May thru August

Mommy & Me Class

A class where kids and moms enjoy time together making memories & masterpieces. The bonus...a mess that mom doesn't have to clean up.  4 artist minimum for class to be held.  Offered to groups upon request and for special holidays classes. 

75 minute class - $20

Summer Camps
Each June though August a variety of summer camps will be offered for kids preschool-5th grade.   A camp schedule is posted in April each year and will be on the SUMMER CAMP page.

Each Fall & Spring a current class dates and times can be found on the  CLASSES page, click on the "Book Now"  link to reserve your kiddo's spot.

Studio Offerings

All classes are offered as a one-time individual day sign up.